Frustrated....Could it be the N900?

I recently purchased an N900 router and got DirecTV at the same time.  Because of this, I’m not sure which is the culprit.  Almost daily, the N900 goes down.  I can’t ping it or reach it’s webpage.  After recycling power, it is usually fine.  Occassionally, it will change it’s IP address from the address I gave it  to a address.  I’m not sure what is causing this, but I am getting fed up.  DirecTV has a small switch/router type device that connects one port to the DirecTV cable and another port that plugs into the N900.  This is how the whole home DVR works.  I would just segregate it to its own switch, but it needs internet access to download onDemand content.  Anyone has any idea why this is occurring?

Did you try the suggestion on this thread by


I don’t have any issue getting my settings back.  My issue is that this keeps reoccurring.  The router randomly becomes unresponsive.  After recycling the power, it occassionally sets itself to a address and starts handing out IP addresses in that scheme (DHCP).  I am going to daisy chain a couple of switches together with only one connection going to the N900 to see if that makes any difference.