Hi.humble apologies if i am in the wrong section but this all started with an update. I started to do an update and had a electricity power cut. when power resumed i switched on my hub only to discover i only get the WD splash screen. I have tried a reset , but nothing works. The unit switches off and on ok, so no damage there, i can only think  my hub got corrupted.

Is there any way to fix this?. I can’t see the unit on the pc so  i can’t reformat the HDD…any help would be much appreciated

Download latest FW

copy files to USB stick

open file wdtvlivehub.ver
change VERSION=‘3.08.14’ to VERSION=‘3.10.14’


power of WD TV Hub

remove any external HDD or USB sticks

plug in USB stick wit FW on it

power on your Hub

it should pick up new FW version and start updating

wait till its finished

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Many thanks for your time and help friend all is well and you have solved my problem…

no problem

glad that it worked well