From RAID1 to RAID10

Hi, I bought a NAS WD EX4100 and bought 2 8TB drives from Seagate. I am thinking of configuring in RAID1. In the future I am thinking of buying 2 more 8TB disks to expand my total storing capacity to 16TB with RAID10. Does anybody know if I will be able to convert from RAID1 (2 Disks) to RAID10 (4 Disks) without loss of data?

Hi there,

I believe it is not possible to migrate from RAID 1 to RAID 10 like this, you can however create a second raid 1 with the other 2 drives, but you would have to take the first 2 drives you already had in RAID 1 out and create the second RAID 1, then put the first 2 drives back in, remember that when you take the drives out and when you put them back in, the unit must be turned off and the drives must be on the same order. Hope this helps.


I understand your answer, but still have a question about the same as Michael asked.

How do I get both RAID 1 volumes (RAID 1 of Drives 0 and 1, and RAID 1 of drives 2 and 3) to be able to be used as storage in the EX4100. I have two 4TB drives as RAID1 and two 6TB drives as RAID1 but cannot get the second volume of RAID 1 to store data. Storage shows a full 10TB, but when loading data, I only get 3.6 TB of total files loaded.

Should I have gone with RAID 10, or is there some function in the software I missed to use the two volumes as one SPANNED 10TB drive?