From loud fan to degraded drive to no power up in 1 week

Seems my MyBookWorld (blue rings) has bit the dust.  This is really bad as this is my primary storage for EVERYTHING I have pretty much.  

My wife started complaining last week that the fan was loud.  Then 3-4 days later, the blue rings started alternating every 3 seconds.  I turned off the unit and started reading…  

I noted that it said this stands for a degraded RAID.  So I plugged it back in and attempted to access the web server…  I could ping the unit, but I could not get to the web interface.

After unplugging the unit and opening it up to get the serial numbers off the drives, I put it back together and now the unit will not even power up.  (No blue lights)  I do get lights on the network jack though.

I checked the voltage on the power supply and it reads 11.xx volts… I expected 15 off a 12 volt power supply with no load.  I’ll bet the power supply’s low voltage overheated the unit and toasted the mother board.   When I plug it in I can feel/hear the drives barely clicking to try to spin up…  

I put one of the drives in my computer and it spins up just fine and I can see the partitions.  (Windows box so I can not read them)

I have ordered a new drive via RMA (20 days left on my warranty)  

Anyone think my drives are good and I’ll be able to get my data back?  


Just an FYI, I found the following post and was able to pull my drives and copy the data off them via Unbuntu using a USB to SATA powered connector.