From External to Internal - My book essential 1tb - Windows XP won't install it correctly


I come to you to tell you about this problem I have with my 7 months old EHD, I wanted to make it an Internal HDD but every time I plug in the SATA and the power connector (and restart my computer, of course) it sees the new drive, yet Windows won’t install it (Windows XP) or it may say that it was installed, but there’s nothing in MyPC, it’s so odd, its model  is wdbaaf0010hbk-nesn if that helps you…helping me…that is, so, I went to the BIOS Menu too and yes, I can see the drive there, but that’s it, it won’t show up on Windows XP and that’s my problem.

Do I need to install/Uninstall something? please answer…

(formatting is not an option)

I’m still here, waiting.

Did you go to disk management? (right-click to my computer> manage> disk management)

If formatting is “not an option” and you have no intentions of using the drive as a new, empty drive, then you’re just out of luck and will need to put the disk back in its enclosure to get at the files currently on it.

You paid extra for the drive’s contents to be encrypted, and the contents can only be accessed when connected to the decryption controller within the enclosure.