Freshly created user cannot log in

Device: WD MyCloud 4TB, latest firmware: 04.01.02-417

After full restore specified password for admin and successfully logged in from the same LAN the device is attached.

Created a secon user using the web interface: Users/Add user button/filled in first name and last name, email left blank as I’m behind corporate firewall and email setup would require access to WD site that does not work, specify password twice. Checking the system generated user name, then log out. Then log in with the user name and the password just entered twice: error message says: “Invalid username or password”.

Did the whole cycle three times by full reset, admin pwd setting, new user setting and login failure.

Is there any way to specify a second user?

how are you trying to login with this 2nd user? the 1st/admin user is the only one that can login to the dashboard.

accessing/mapping a drive in Windows? you would need to disconect any public or 1st user connection 1st. Windows only allows one user connection at a time to a remote computer.

Other? provide details

Hi larryg0,

Thank you for the clarification. You are right I cannot log in with the second user only on the Web based interface (Dashboard as you called) but using the Windows “WD My Cloud.exe” I can.