Fresh Win10 install = My Cloud Headaches

I refreshed my pc after upgrading to SSD.
I installed WD software for the My Cloud and it is giving me issues.
I can see the drive via IP address in my browser.
When I go to it says that it cannot connect to WDMyCloud.
The WD My Cloud program seems to work fine and I can see my smartware backup. I can also access the files.

SmartWare is not working at all.
At first, it could not see anything.
Now, it sees the drive, but it will not let me login. Backup and Retrieve are greyed out. I guess I have multiple issues.
I have a mycloud login, and a login as a user on the drive…
I am not sure what is going on here.

With new installs of Windows 10 make sure to enable SMB 1.0. Microsoft disables SMB 1.0 in newer versions of Windows 10.

For local network access to the My Cloud one should use Windows File Explorer.

For remote access/cloud access one sometimes has to disable remote access in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. Wait a few minutes, then re-enable it.

In some cases it’s better to set remote access/cloud access to manual in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings. Then use alternate ports like 8080 and 4443. If using manual, one has to enable port forwarding of the two new ports in the network router to route the two ports to the My Cloud.

Thank you for the response.
I can get to my drive, but I cannot get smartware to work.
It sees the drive, but it will not allow me to get to the BACKUP and RETRIEVE tabs.

I take that back, it seems to be working now…
Thank you for the response.