Fresh MBL 2 TB --- need help to configure

Hi All,

                   I bought a new MBL 2TB and opened today and connected all cables. I did the following way and faced some errors.

  1.  I connected the power and Ethernet port to my laptop directly. I want to do this way only atleast for time being.

  2. I dont have dvd drive in my laptop so I downloaded the software from WD website. 

  3. When I tried to proceed the installation, it asked a update to new firmware, then it opened a web interface and it was very slow. Then while I was doing some settings, I did a change in static IP( I entered the IP of my wireless connection seen from cmd line). from then, the web interface page is not working. Also I got this error 

30005 - Unable to retrieve data. Make sure there are no network connectivity issues and try again.


  1. AFter somepoint the web interface itself could not able to open that page.

  2. Now I could not do anything, as well I tried resetting using a pin from the back of MBL. That also doesnt help. I could not see any changes. How to reset actually?

Please help me for the followings in order to make it work,

  1. Need to reset first and how to bring my web interface back in order to configure?

  2. I need to get internet access for the following case ( my laptop should be connected to MBL directly). How should I configure my Network settings for this case? 

  3. My Wireless LAN IP is ( for example) . Then how should I configure network settings of MBL in order to enable internet access?

  4. Next I need to install the software and update the firmware.

Please kindly help me to resolve this issue. 

It would be great if you can help me as soon as possible.

Thank you very much in advance!!!



first of all, I recommend you read the manual. It will tell you how to connect and admin the box.

From it, you will see that connecting the MBL direct to a laptop is not a valid config. Unless and UNLESS you are a very ADVANCE user and know what you are doing. Not going into details but DHCP server is a big hint.

2: Nothing wrong with this step

3: Probably wrong settings for IP. Hence the reason you do not connec to a laptop

4: Yeap, due to #3

5: Back to #3. Manual will tell you how to reset it as well.

Now, take baby steps, first reset it and see if you can get back into it first. Do not worry about internet yet.

Based on my understanding, you have set the wrong IP address to the NAS. The IP address is the adderss that you would like to give to the MBL, and not the IP address of the computer. Since you have set the same IP for both your MBL and your computer, your computer is not able to recognise your MBL. I would suggest you to change your computer IP address and then try to access MBL or try to access it  from a different device. 

Thank you.