Fresh installation of DX4000, formatting hdd's than placing back

Good evening, this is my first post here …

I have 2 x DX4000, 8TB, with the one Im experiencing lot of problem … very slow respond, losing connection and etc …

The thing is, I dont have anymore time or nerves to try to fix it, I just want a factory reset with a fresh new installation.

Im wondering, what will happen if I take out the drives and totaly erase them and the partitions and then try to install it with the recovery usb image? Is this possible?

Cheers, P

I am not sure it is worth your effort to pull the drives and clean them, but it will not hurt a thing.

Download the iso, run it and do the second/middle (recreate) step first.  LCD should show Happy Happy Happy at the end.  Then take the thumb and put it in another box and look in the wd folder for the log file.  Go to the end of the file and make sure it says things you think it should.  Like 4 good drives in a Raid 5

If it looks good, move to step 3, recover, make the thumb and click next a bunch :slight_smile:

Sorry to answer your question if you take the drives out an erase them, anything on them will be gone