Frequently losing connection to the drive in Windows

I have recently starting having problem where my mapped drives lose connection in Windows Explorer.  I have 2 folders on the MyCloud drive mapped to 2 different drive letters for easier access.

I often sit down and see red Xs on the drives in Windows Explorer, when they had been working fine earlier.

When this happens I cannot connect to the drive at all in Explorer.  If I click the drives I get an error about the name already being in use and if I click on the WDMYCLOUD under Netowrk it tells me that it was not able to connect.

Now, I can still access the drive with my iPhone and MacBook Pro.  I can also acces the drive settings via my browser by going to the IP address as well as access it through the WD My Cloud Windows app.

I have found that the only way I can restore the connection in Explorer is to reboot the computer.

I’m running Windows 8.1 Pro, 64-Bit and the WD My Cloud firmware is v04.01.04-422.  It says it’s up to date.

The My Cloud drive is wired to my router (Airport Extreme (latest version).

My Windows PC is also wired to the router.

It’s getting very, very frustrating.  It’s happening nearly every day.


Have you tried setting a static IP address on the My Cloud?

How to configure a WD My Cloud or WD My Cloud EX4 drive with a Static IP