Frequently crashing, very annoying

This has been a problem ever since I acquired the device a while ago really, however it’s been doing it a lot today so I’ve come here to vent and see if others are having the same problem. I’m not sure if this is file-type specific, but I’m trying to play various ISO files and the WD TV Live will either play them for a second, then crash, or not play anything at all and crash. By crash, I mean the screen goes black and the device is completely unresponsive, even if left, and only pulling the power out the back gets it going again. 

Although the device can go for weeks without doing this, it’s done it about half a dozen times today and I’m finding it very frustrating, especially considering how long it takes to restart the device and try again - often with the same result. I’m considering selling the device and using my PS3 as a media streamer. Even though in many ways it’s inferior, in particular in terms of format support, at least it starts and finds my files instantly and I’ve never had it crash on me.

Hello mate, did you installed the latest firmware ( 1.07.15 )?

Try what is written at a previous message:

Yep got the latest firmware, and just installing the very latest, although it only seems to be addressing issues with the MLB player, which I don’t use… Still taking ages even to download the new firmware, it’s just so slooow! I’ll see if things have improved but I’m still pretty sceptical about the device.

What storage you use and where is connected?