Frequent failures of WD red 4TB with ReadyNAS 104

Hi all, I bought in Amazon a ReadyNAS and 4 WD Red 4TB, configured as X-Raid (Raid 5), in 2016. Since then I experienced almost a disk failure once a year (and consequently I had to replace them with new wd red 4TB).
I think a disk should last more than one year. My usage is not so intensive (almost during week end, at home, as a backup solution and storage for music and videos with my Raspberry-based media center).

Any hint or idea to improve the lifetime of these disks?

Thanks in advance.


Don’t they have a 3 year manufacturer’s limited warranty? I’ve had no issues with the 4 I bought for my RN214 ReadyNAS. So far 2 years no fails. I set mine up to spin the drives down after 15 minutes of no activity. Maybe that might help???

I’m waiting for the new disk and then I’l follow your advice about spinning down drives.

Thank you for your response,