Can anyone please enlighten me as to why my WDTV freezes if it left untouched for 5 minutes? The remote becomes unresponsive and the only way it can get back to normal is by pulling the power. Then it takes eons for my media library to compile again.

Did you check if you have the sleep mode enabled? Also check if you have the latest firmware version installed. 

Mate, I can’t even find ‘sleep mode’!  I have updated to the latest firmware 2.14. Where can the sleep mode be found?

I have a similar problem.

I actually connected the live player to an external hard drive.

It took a long time to read the media first time.

A few hours later, it started to freeze.

Everytime I restart the player, everytime it reads the media and then freezes

Someone, please help

I gave up on it. It was seriously causing me grief. I no longer use it to connect to my PC as I was also having trouble getting past my Internet security. Then I had problems with it freezing and I refuse to accept (tolerate) it taking so long to access files.

So, I simply use it to access my PLEX server, which works like a charm now.

As a product I don’t rate it, at all. I’m not a dummy when it comes to computers but it seems that you have to be a guru if you run into trouble, and it just shouldn’t be that way. It should be dummy proof.

I am also having the same issue.  I have restarted, reset factory defaults, removed to WDtv Live contemt installed on my MyBook 3.0 2TB and started from scratch and the system takes forever to read/load the content on the External hd.  Nothing works.  I have tons of content stored, so I expected the system to take a while to load, but I let it run/load for over 24 hours and still nothing.  On the folders on the screen (music, photos, videos), it does indicate the newest content found on the hd, but when trying to access it, it says local media device has been removed and it is unable to open or access the hd.    I have spent hours and hours converting my DVDs to mp4’s so I could have an all in one media center and it seems I have wasted my time.  I have spent hours looking through the forums trying to find answers and there is usually a reply when someone has a question or issue, but not too many follow up answers or replies from folks who try to help out those of us who are confused and frustrated.  For example, it was suggested to check the WD TV Live sleep mode setting.  I have been going through my settings and have yet to find a “sleep mode” setting.  I am on the verge of pulling my hair out!!  Any help with this issue is very much appreciated.