Freezing when external hard drive is connected

Just bought a new wd tv live and it worked well through the first video .

Tried another video and it said usb device was disconnected.

Tried resetting the device and will not connect to hard drive just freezes

When hard drive is off I can navigate through all menus.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Is it an USB3 drive? If so, “repair” it when connected to the PC and plug it into the front USB port. Does it work now?

Yes it is a usb3 hd.

When you say repair it when hooked to the pc not sure how?

I have tried both ports on the media player and same at both. 

In Windows Explorer do a right-click on the drive letter and select properties > tools. Usually there’s no need to reset the WDTV, simply powercycle it, if in fact you are experiencing this bug.