Freezing up

Hello, I’n kinda new to this so please bear with me. when i play movies from either of my WD Essential HD (2TB and 3TB) sometimes i can make it through a whole movie, sometime it will freeze after 10-20 mins. when it freezes sometimes it even shuts down the HD. If the HD doesn’t shut down, after about a minute, it returns to the homepage where it prompts me to eject disc before removing it. the only way to make it read the HD again is by unplugging the whole setup and re-plugging. I have reset everything to factory default with no avail. the unit is only 3 months old! is it both my HD’s or is it the player?


If you have a USB 3.0 drive - here the details:

Mine was doing the same thing but also in the front port, when I disconnected the hard drive and connected it back to my PC it wanted me to scan the drive and repair any faulty sectors. I proceeded to do that and it ran a few minutes and fixed it. I connected the drive back to the SMP and it compiled the drive and looked normal again, played a movie all the way through. Only thing I can think of is if the SMP player freezes and reboots or doesn’t do anything, I also noticed a lag on the remote. Took several minutes for the command to proceed. Most of the time I would have to unplug both the SMP and drive to get it working agian.

Hope this helps a little.