Freezing problem with WD passport


When I plug in the USB cable from the external drive into my laptop it:

1)slows down my lap top

  1. the usual autoplay window does not appear

3)I go into my computer and click on ‘my passport’ icon but nothing happens. The My computer window then freezes

I therefore have no choice but to close the ‘my computer’ window, after which the whole screen dissappears so I am left with only the background and no other icons or ‘start’ icon to click on. I then have no choice but to unplug the hard drive without ejecting it safely after which everything resumes on my laptop as normal. This appears to also happen on two other computers I have tried.

Please help! My archived life is on that hard drive. I didn’t think it necessary to back up those files as the hard drive was my backup!

It sounds like the drive is corrupt from either power issues, or from not being safely removed.

You might want to try CGSecurity TestDisk and see if it can restore the corrupted information.