Freezing operating system on WD wd5000aaks!

     Hi there.


CPU:     Intel E5200 @ 2.5 GHz

MB:        Gigabyte P31-ES3G - Bios version F6

RAM:      4 GB @ 800 MHz

HDDs:   WD wd1600jb - 160 GB

               WD wd5000aaks - 500 GB

     Until now, I had the Windows operating system installed on wd1600jb.

     Now I decided to reinstall the Windows operating system (Windows 8.1 x64) and put it on wd5000aaks.

     The problem is that Windows freezes every 5 minutes and the freeze lasts about 30-60 seconds. This happens even after a fresh OS reinstall. It’s unacceptable!

     Until now I had on wd1600jb, during the time, Windows XP after that 7 after that 8 and after that 8.1 (all x64) and where running without any problems.

     Now, when I saw that I can’t acceptable use the Windows OS on wd5000aaks (because of the freezing problem), I decided to reinstall it again on wd1600jb. Now, I had installed VMWare and I have 2 virtual machines stored on wd 5000aaks (Windows XP and Linux Mint 17 Mate - both x86). Even if the real OS (Win 8.1) and VMWare are both installed on wd1600jb, when I run one of the 2 virtual machines or both at the same time (Win XP or/and Linux Mint 17 Mate), the freezing phenomenon appears again only in the virtual machines. The real OS is not affected.

     In the past/Now I used/am using it (wd5000aaks) as an internal storage device. I had/have on it movies and games. The movies and games were/are running without any problems.

     I used WD Data Life Guard Diagnostics. wd1600jb passed the 2 tests, while wd5000aaks in 85% of the cases will not pass the “QUICK TEST” because of the Error status code=07. It passed once after I used “Write zeros” process on it and after a reboot/format/OS installation on it the above error will occur.

     Question: Is my wd5000aaks dying or it doesn’t support an OS to be installed/stored on it?

     I have the drive more than 3 years!

     Thanks in advance!

If the drive failed a DLG Quick Test, then it means the drive itself is unfortunately not working properly, and should be replaced. If it is under warranty, WD will replace it for free.

You can check your drive’s warranty in the following link:

To create an online RMA/Replacement order:


Ok, and if the warranty period has… expired? What can I do? I can’t rescue the hard drive itself?