Freezing of media player

New to media players!!  We have noted that most posts refer to use of media player via internet connection.  We use the unit differently and have not found posts that refer to the way we use it.  We have movies on an external hard drive and play these on our TV via the media player.  We have the problem that the unit freezes after about an hour and the remote does not work either.  The only solution so far has been that we un plug the unit but then the movie is back to the start.

We have read that people update the firmware but have also read that this does not necessarily rectify the problem.

This is our second unit as when this problem happened originally, we assumed the unit was faulty and we returned it and were given a replacement - it does exactly the same thing.  When we logged onto the website recently we found that quite clearly the freezing is a general problem with these units.

Can anyone help???

The best two options in this case are:

  1. get used to it, the freezing will never stop.
  2. return it while you can get your money back.

Are these freezes ocurring during playback?  Or just with it sitting idle?

I think many people use the WD just as you do, myself included.  I don’t use any of the internet streaming features.  The only purpose of the internet connection in my case is to gather metadata on the movies and tv series, oh, and to update the firmware.

Freezing during menu use, especially when it is try to compile and network, are more common I think than freezing during playback, especially on a usb connection.  It has never happened to me.

I would suggest that you try with a different hard drive and different USB cable and see if the problem goes away.  Possibly your drive has some problems.

Some people have reported problems with one USB port or the other, so you could try the one you’re not using and see if that resolves the problem.