Freezing Issues

Ok…so I have a WDTV Live that all of a sudden wants to freeze after watching anything on my network drive…which is a My Book Live.  After watching just one show/movie, I just get the spinning arrow and have to restart to be able to watch anything else.  This just started recently.  I have already RMA’d the old one but the new one is doing the same thing.  How likely is it that its something on the My Book Live?  Seems like the next step logically.   Any ideas?  Anyone ever experienced this?

I don’t think that it is anything to do with your mybook. I am also on a replacement WDTV box and I get exactly the same issue.

To be quite honest, I just think that either the hardware or firmeware is crappy.

I have freezing issues, issues with box randomly rebooting, remote control either not responding or responding really slowly.

I reboot my box at least once a day.

These streaming boxes are an outstanding concept but let down by their performance and stability :(