Freezing and kicking me out on new firmware update Release 3.12.13 (7/23/2013)


I bought a WD TV Live Hub about amonth ago.

I updated my firmware (wish I knew what I had updated from) and ever since I can not watch the programs I download.

They start to play, freeze, get fuzzy and kick me out. I select again and it says resume or start over.

I select resume and still kicks me out.

This was never a problem till I updated the firmware.

The download source has not changed and the files play just fine on my computer.

mkv and mp4 are the ones I am trying to watch.

I dowload them directly onto the Hub drive from the internet.

Any advice would be great!



Rollback to previous FW


Reset to factory setting

You could try a reset to factory defaults before you rollback.

Being able to play the files on your computer is no guarantee that they will play on the hub. It may be that your download source has changed their way of encoding the files.