Freezing and Crashing

I got the WD TV Live SMP about 2-3 weeks ago. I am having an issue where the video sometimes stops playing in netflix. Backing up to the main menu in netflix and trying to resume the video again completely crashes the WD TV (black screen), requiring either pressing the reset button or pulling the power plug. It once went into a boot loop after I managed to get it turn off with the power button on the remote. This seems to happen every other day.

Could this be a hardware issue (faulty unit), or is it software?

Some additional info:

I upgraded to the latest firmware manually as soon as I got it, using a usb flash drive. Not sure what firmware it shipped with, but the web auto updater wanted to upgrade to 1.07 not the latest 1.09.  So I opted to use the manual method to upgrade directly to the latest version. Should I have not done that?

Running over WiFi (too far to have it wired), but the signal received is very good according to the WD TV (3/4 bars) and my router.

Tried a reset twice so far. The second tonight after it crashed on me again.

I mostly use the WD TV for netflix, but on the few occasions that I’ve used DLNA, RSS Video, mkv from attached usb storage and youtube I haven’t had crashes, except for once with youtube. So I cannot really say this is definitely a Netflix only problem.

As for heat. After a few days of using it, I noticed it runs warm when turned off, and a bit hot when in use, even though it’s in an open space with plenty of space around it. So I placed it vertically on one side to expose the bottom vents to better air flow, and now it’s cool even after running for hours.

Any suggestion on what I can try to do to resolve this problem? Is there a more stable firmware that I might try rolling back to? Should I exchange it for another unit?

I’m experiencing similar issues. The SMP is new to me (I was using an older Live+). When I power down the unit, then restart without having a hard drive attached via USB, then all is well for streaming Netflix, You Tube, etc. I’m curious if this fixes your Netflix streaming as it does in my case. Restarting the device with attached storage always disables (or nearly so) my ability to either connect/navigate or stream via Netflix.

May be its Configuration issue according to me…

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Ember, I usually keep the usb flash drive that I use with the wd tv plugged in the back port even when not playing anything off it. I’ll unplug it and monitor for improved stability.

thanks for the suggestion.