I’ve been running my WDTV Live Plus for years now, with very little problem. Just in the last day or two, I’ve encountered problems when watching You Tube videos, and today when listening to Pandora. Several times the picture just freezes, or sound, nothing. I can’t back out of it, or go “Home.” I am running this through Network Shares with a wired connection.

I checked my network on Windows 7, and see the WDTV there, but clicking for information, Windows says it “can’t find” the device. It just lost the connection I guess. I end up having to pull the plug, then restarting the box, and all is fine again.

Any reasons for these sudden occurances of lockups? Nothing on my system has changed. Other devices in my home don’t seem to be affected, and my internet, cable, is running fine.

Thanks for any help.

Hello, powercycle, if that doesn’t help, press the reset button for 1 second.