I have a WDLive Player.  It’s been working great until today.  I can see all the pictures for the movie or titles of the movie however once I select the movie it freezes shows the circle going around for a long time.  I try different formats even movies that I played before are not working now.  I also try a different hard drive and I have no luck.  I also try to play YOUTUBE video and same thing no luck.  It does shows the picture or name of youtube then when I select the video it freezes.  Thank you for your help.

You have probably played a ‘bad’ file which has now hung up your player. Reset your unit via the side paperclip button and for good measure via the internal reset to factory defaults. Try to find the file which causes your hang up.

It works! I found two bad files.  Thanks,

If they are mkv files then you probably only have to remux them with header compression turned off.

See FAQ section 4H and 4I