Freezes up during media library loading

Sorry if this is a repetitive post, but I didn’t find anything that was exactly like the problem I’m having.

Every time I try to connect my WD Live SMP to my WD Elements 2TB External Hard Drive, it freezes up after a few minutes whenever the “Compiling media library…” message appears.  It does it regardless of whether the ‘Get Content Info’ setting is set to Auto or Manual Only.

If I try to access files when the “Compiling…” message first appears, it’ll play a video for a short time (3-5mins) until it inevitably freezes (and needs to be unplugged after 30-60mins).

If I leave it alone when the “loading” message appears, it inevitably will freeze up after a few minutes.  I can leave it alone for 30+ minutes, and it will either restart automatically or continually freeze up (but the media library is never fully loaded).

I’ve tried restoring factory defaults, I’ve restarted it, I have the latest firmware, etc., and it still freezes up every single time.

When I connect my external hard drive to the media player, the lights on both devices start flashing.  When the freeze occurs, the light on the hard drive stays lit (without blinking), while the light on the media player continues to blink.  (I’m not sure if this is signficiant.)

The hard drive works fine when connected to any computer, and the media player works fine when playing Netflix, Hulu, or MLB TV, but for some reason, the two can’t work together.

I’ve called customer support, and they’ve walked me thru all the standard procedures (restore default settings, update firmware, reset the device, etc.), and they even let me exchange my previous SMP for a new one.  But the problem persists with the new one as well.  It’s incredibly frustrating, as I’ve had this device for months, and have yet to watch a single video.

Thanks in advance.

Do you by chance have a subtitle file in the same folder ie srt. Have fouind on rare occasions they can freeze up the media playing.

I have exactly the same problem. I only have the problem with a particular hard drive. When I attach a different drive (identical make and size), it works fine.

I’m facing exactly the same problem when connecting my 2Tb WD book to the new WD TV live streaming media player I just bought. No problem at all with the 1Tb book, but the 2Tb one just freezes up.

My brand new WD Live with the latest firmware would constantly freeze. After much research I realized that when it finds too many files (i don’t know what constitutes too many) it constantly freezes and stutters and almost always gives that compiling media message. I looked through previous posts and someone mentioned turning off the “media library” setting in Setup/System/Media Library (on or off). I turned this feature on when I first was setting up the unit. When I turned it it off I have not had a freeze or a stutter or anything since. Everyone with freezes and media compiling messages should check if Media Library is turned on and just shut it off.