Freeze during firmware update

I saw that there is new firmware and desided to upgrade. I plugged the USB with the firmware, started the process, but after the device rebooted, the updating is staying at 0%. The flash drive’s light isnt blinking (like it is not being read from it ). If I unplug the usb flash or the power cable, the player would be ruined (ot i think so). What should I do ?

Edit: Nevermind, fixed it. Disconnected the power, turned it on and again showed the firmware update screen with 0% complete. So i put the firmware on another flash drive, disconected the power again, removed the “bugged” flash drive, inserted the new. After that, the update started normally and was completed without any issues

Even so-called “Fast” flash drives are horribly slow.

When the WD is at 0% during a firmware upgrade, it’s actually unpacking the bin file and checking the checksums of thousands of files (that’s probably why you had blinking LED).   If your flash drive is really slow, it can take 5-10 minutes to progress beyond that.

The LED wasn’t blinkikg so it was like the flash drive wasn’t actually working. I’ve waited for 30 min and because there was no progress, I turned it off

Had that happen to me a few times before, too.

I unplugged and plugged it back in, and the firmware-update continued.

Apparently it could happen that the usb-stick isn’t properly mounted, or something.

YMMV, no warranty, use at your own risk.