FREENAS + ZFS works with WDTV live

I have a FREENAS 4  TB raid expandable to 12 TB storage system using ZFS UNIX based file system . This is really a great cheap way to have a NAS media server for the whole house. I have 2 WDTV live players and 3 Win7 computers all able to stream movies off the NAS .The only caveat is 1080P streaming can stutter when using the WDTV media players which use 10/100 ethernet ports . I recently brought home the latest WDTV live hub which has gigabit ethernet port but alas stuttering still persists on 1080P streaming. This is frustrating because my laptop hooked via wireless G  streams full 1080P movies from my NAS flawlessly. I can only surmize that the onboard chip processor can not handle the extra processing involved.

My next move is to get another Asrock computer and load XBMC on it and try using to play movies off the NAS on my living room plasma with a 2.1 audio setup. This OS is really awesome with thumnails for each movie. This is comparable to a $20K Kalidescope system 1/20 th the price . Lets hope that it works with 1080P streaming as this is the holy grail for me along with lossless WMA audio playback.

My next move after that is to purchase an OPPO BPD-95 network it and use my extensive WMA lossless audio collection using the built in 24 bit/ 192 DACS .

The future’s so bright I got to wear shades …

12 TB… How much I envy you!!!