FreeNAS Lagging?

I just recently redid my NAS box with FreeNAS, and I love it. At first I had Windows XP because there were a few extra features I wanted, and towards the end of it’s 4-6 week lifespan the TV Live stopped seeing it altogether. So I decided to do things properly, so I bought a CF memory card and installed FreeNAS on that so the drive wasn’t running 24/7.

Buuuuuuuuttttttt, I have one little problem.

There seems to be serious lag issues between the TV Live and FreeNAS, as if I am loading it from a remote source. I never had these problems with XP (when it worked) and I still dont have the issues when streaming from my Vista (x64) desktop. The first time it worked fine. The second time I tried to play a movie and hit buffering issues immedietly. I noticed also my PC couldn’t access the NAS either, so I unplugged/plugged the Ethernet cable and rebooted and now my PC could see it. OK loose connection.

Third time using it, I got 36 min through a 42 min show and started hitting those buffering issues again.

Any ideas?

All computers are running through an 8-port D-Link Gigabit switch (which in turn is running through a cheap TrendNet Router). The FreeNAS box is a barebones MSI Wind PC with an 800GB 5400rpm WD hard drive.

I’ve read that FreeNAS’s SAMBA bandwidth is TERRIBLE.  That may be what you’re encountering. 

Can you do Windows file copy fast to the FreeNAS?

Yes. It starts out slow (around 4MB/s) but peaked when transferring ~400GB of video at 40MB/s which was the same when I had XP.

Can’t really argue that, but that seems EXTREMELY fast for a single 5400 RPM drive using SAMBA on FreeNAS.  

In fact, it’s almost hard to believe.  :)   I can’t even get that performance with a Raid 5 hardware NAS using SAMBA.

But really, the peaks aren’t relevant.  It’s the sustained or average transfer rates that are important.

Be that as it may, even the “Slow” 4M/s should be fine for anything other than high bitrate HD…

Well it may very well be wrong. It’s based off me briefly glancing at it a few days ago but I am *fairly* sure I did see 40 at one point. When I get home from work I can transfer a few things and take note of the speeds.

Question for you guys…do most NAS boxes and their software allow u to set a Torrent file to download without running a laptop on?

Does FreeNAS allow this?

Noobie mongolian please help.

FreeNAS will support Transmission.