FreeNAS? Good or bad idea?

Right now I have a computer where I keep all my data on. Its running Win7 and im able to access it from my other computer via Remote Desktop Connection. I just found out about FreeNAS tonight and im wondering if I should try that instead as it will give me access from the web so I can get to my stuff when im at work.

Couple of questions

  1. I have 15TB of space between 5-6 Hard drives, is there way to create automatic back ups besides ZFS?

  2. If I choose ZFS back ups will be done automatically for me. So half of that space will be allocated for a back up. Is this bulletproof set up?

  3. How do you access it from WD Live Box?

Thank you very much.

I am only able to answer question #3.

You will be able to access your content via DLNA or SMB (Network Shares) as with your computer after the FreeNAS device is configured.