FreeNas and Open Media Vault integration


Is there a way to integrate 3rd party nas software (FreeNas ,Open Media Vault,OpenStack,owncloud,…,etc) to my wd my cloud ex4 system.

Thanks for the reply.

No, there isn’t.

Thanks for the reply.

Another question if i added this suggestion to ideas section can I have your support?

Truthfully - these aren’t ever going to be implemented. I’d have supported it if it was possible but they aren’t.

I didn’t elaborate in my first reply, but think about it - FreeNAS is a NAS OS. How can you be running FreeNAS under another OS?

As for the other stuff, it is simply not possible under the Busybox OS - which is a pretty limited OS. A few things, like SFTP, can be implemented by hacking the firmware…but owncloud, etc. need a more full-featured Linux to run. You cannot put them onto the EX4 firmware. Not even WD can, even if they wanted to.

Thanks again Cybernut1

I understand and I am aware of the situation. Busy Box combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small. It is not complete platform to support lots of applications or another OS. I am talking about changing the software part of the system. If i can back up my current status of the WD My Cloud EX4 to a (for example) rom file and then start to install freenas to the hardware i can experiment other nas solutions and apps. As a contributor you already know WD support page shares WD Cloud EX4 GPL Source Code and Third Party Apps GPL Codes for developers.After a little research we can find a way to do this. I know there is already some products like hp proliant microserver family and wd provides easy to set up, easy to manage platform like it is dashboard.

All i want is a firmware or disc clone setup which can turn box to the factory preset state

Hacking the firmware is totally another lane.

Ok…so if I understood you corectly, you mean the WD hardware without ANY firmware? Well, you had said in the last comment putting your idea on the Ideas board. The ideas board is basically for suggestions to WD to implement. WD has no reason to implement this idea of stripping their firmware.

But if I am not misunderstanding what you are suggesting, it is impossible to do at this point. And that’s because FreeNAS is only available as x86 and x86-64 binaries. You cannot run it on the ARM architecture of the EX4.

BTW, the contributor designation is merely a WD’s arbitrary designation. It only means I’m a regular participant on this forum. Nothing more. And yes, I’m well aware of the EX4’s GPL code being available. Having that code will not help you accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.