Free upgrade to SmartWare Pro

Hello! I replaced my very old D-Link NAS with 4 TB MyCloud, which so far I really love. It’s fast and reliable, and I can access it from work.

It’s working great on my Windows 7 laptop, but I’m having one small problem with my wife’s Windows 10 laptop. I can’t upgrade to SmartWare Pro. It says, “Free upgrade to SmartWare Pro unsuccessfu. Invalid name.” or “The email address you have provided does not match our record.” I tried my email address that I used to setup the device, and I tried to create a user for my wife with her email address. I guess I just don’t understand the logic how the activation is supposed to work. SmartWare says I have two activations left. Please help.


In case anyone is wondering, I’m not trolling.

Do you have your activation code? What email address did you use with your SmartWare?

I tried both the email address I used to initially setup the device, and the email address I associated with my wife’s mycloud account. I never received an activation code.

If you have SmartWare, open it up and on the Help tab look at the bottom for a link to the User Manual. Look at that for more information about SmartWare Pro.

You should have received an email with the activation code. How did you activate pro on the Windows 7 laptop?

I looked back through my emails and I don’t have an activation code. I normally keep all my old emails in the Outlook trash, but I wonder if I accidentally deleted this one.

I figured out that I don’t need to activate the SmartWare to get the backup going on my wife’s computer, so everything is working ok. Thanks for the help.