Free up space on My Cloud EX2 ultra

I use this to back up my two Dell laptops (both have less than 100GB on the internal drives) and to keep photos, videos, and sundry personal files. My Cloud server has 12TB mirrored and it is now down to 1.95TB of mirrored free space. 95 GB is total for music on my iTunes library and 190GB for photos. Only 808GB for videos. Other files are about 125GB including the laptop backups.

But when I look at the dashboard it shows 618GB for music. The rest seems to be about right. What do I need to do in order to fix this? I can’t see the files when I look a the folders on Window Explorer that would explain this anomaly.

Any thoughts or suggestons?


@lenb You should post this topic in the correct sub-forum for your device.

This sub-forum is for the WD MY CLOUD WDMyCloudImage

Thanks…it isn’t always clear where to start this topic and I’m not clear on why this route. But I will have a go.

In addition to checking the dedicated EX2 subforum for similar discussions, check the software you use to backup the two laptops. It is possible the backup software is creating incremental backups (or similar backup process) which will allow a user to restore a backup file that has previously been deleted/removed. Often the backup software will create backup sets and can rapidly consume the free space of a backup hard drive location.

Also, if using WD Sync to sync files from a computer to the My Cloud, the WD Sync software will create a hidden folder and create backups of all files synced so the user can restore a deleted synced file at a later date. Some WD Sync users have found the software rapidly fills their My Cloud free space completely filling the My Cloud hard drive. The workaround is to either use SSH to delete the hidden WD Sync folder and or start using a third party sync program (like Free File Sync) that doesn’t use a hidden folder to create a cloned backup of synced files.

I am using WD Smartware and only creating one backup for each laptop (not all files). I don’t know if these are being updated, overwritten, or become additional files on the MyCloud server.

Also, I don’t know anything about SSH client software. I’m not a sophisticated IT geek.

I have given up on trying to get this box in good working order by changing settings and doing 4 second resets. After transferring the most important files to an external USB drive I have conceded to doing a complete factory rebuild.

I don’t know how I managed to choose a product that has so disapppointed and fallen short of the mark. I have a number of passport and mybook drives with no issues. My HP Homeserver is 12 years old and still working just fine as a depository of files et al. Simple but useful.
It is too late to send this back so I’m stuck.

Message to Product Develpment at WD: you should be working harder to help get this working properly.