Free Storage Space Error

Last night I deleted a large number of image files from my 2TB My Cloud Home via the mobile app. All well and good (or so I thought) the files are no longer visible either on my iphone, ipad, laptop or PC but the space they were taking up is not showing as being free.

Currently I have 176.4GB of files on the device but it is only showing 744GB as free - a total storage space of 920.4GB!

Any ideas anyone?

Actually, I have lost all interest in this POS and purchased a Synology NAS this afternoon.

I was just going to do a factory reset and sell it on eBay but then I thought no, that makes me just as bad as WD … and unlike them I have a conscience.

I wonder how much money WD have made selling this seriously sub-standard device? Probably quite a tidy amount, but I wonder how much it will cost them in the long run when dissatisfied customers like me become former customers who will take their business elsewhere and make sure that their friends, family and co-workers know of all the issues it has?

So, what will happen to this trendy looking white and silver brick? Well, the hard drive will be removed and reformatted before being mounted into the Synology unit when it arrives. The case (or what’s left of it after the hard drive has been removed) will go to the local recycling centre … where it belongs.