Fraudulent Purchase

Hello. I just bought Four Western Digital 2TB Drives. As per the shopkeeper they were supposed to be WD 2TB Caviar Black.

I did not check, trusted him and came home with four drives. Upon inquiry their model is as follows:


WWW: 50014EE259F5487F

Product of ThaiLand

I found this model nowhere on WD Website or google, except in some foreign languages I did not understand.


Anyway after that I put it in and checked the BIOS settings, there it read


Now I have been using WD all my life and I know no matter what their model, in the BIOS it starts with WD.

Anyway the labels on the product look original enough, the make as well and the 10 month warranty is also included. But Id on’t know what to do. And if it is really a WD product. Please help me out. Thank You

A general web search seems to indicate that these can be a 2TB Caviar Black or a 2TB RE-GP  “Enterprise”  hard drive.  Check with the Data LifeGuard software.

another way to tell.

Go to the RMA page on the WD site, and enter the serial number in there to check warranty status. It will come back with what kind of drive, size, etc… and tell you if the warranty is valid or not.

See if what it tells you matches up with what drive you have.