Frame drop / stutter on ALL files

noticed it from day one but its now really annoying me, its as if every 2 seconds a frame is dropped, like it will stutter, slight but very noticeable especially on panning scenes, is there any way to remedy this? messed with all settings to no avail. Can rule out the encoding process as iv tried making straight mkv rips with make mkv, even tried drm stripped itunes purchases, out of ideas :S

no then :s

I’m just guessing that the lack of responses indicates that no one is SEEING that issue, not that there’s no way to remedy it.

I had this issue, but it turned out to be the HDMI video processing of my Onkyo amp. Since all my content is HD I turned off the amp’s processing and it went away. My replacement Hub can’t play any HD content currently, so I don’t know if it’s related to the new firmware.

mines just a straight hdmi from hub to tv, really annoys me now wish i could sort it