Four VelociRaptor 600G HDDs RAID5 array failure


I had short power outage at home and it fried my power supplies, M/B, CPU, memories, Video card, HDDs… pretty much everything connected.

I replaced everything with brand new but HDD since I have four HDDs consist of RAID5 array for data protection.

Unfortunately not only original system doesn’t recgonize any of these drives but also other PCs.

This array contains 2TB of my lifetime work which I can not afford to lose.

I contacted several different data recovery service providers but looks like I would have to spend lots of money.

Is there any other way to fix my drives without spending tens of $K??

The following company advertises a fixed rate of US$800 per drive, plus parts:

That said, if your drives don’t spin up, then it could be as simple as a board fault.

What are the symptoms? Are there any visible signs of damage?

Can you see the drives in BIOS? Is the PM2 (Power Up In Standby) jumper installed?

Can you see the drives with MHDD? MHDD bypasses BIOS, so it may be able to detect your drive when BIOS cannot.

Because of the failure was caused by the power outtage the drives may have physical damage, the only way to recover the data will be taking them to a data recovery company, and as you said is not cheap. :frowning: