Found my isos

Okay since I used the hub to generate movie info the movies that start with THE gets reshuffled into the T’s I have them in my root drive as lets say 40 Year Old Virgin The I found the data on the XML sheet to actually rename it back to 40 Year Old Virgin The and it shows up in the movie info as such but it is still in the T’s as far as order now on the drive. so there has to be some sort of stored data on the hub or its writing it on the drive itself anyone know how to safely reset it or find where it would be at to correct it and get it back in my order?


When you provide your own XML, the Hub DISPLAYS the information correctly now, but it still does not SORT by .  

The User-provided XML does NOT get added to the MEDIA LIBRARY, so Sorting / Searching does not work yet.

Yes it’s a shame that the hub’s internal database doesn’t update itself using the XML files, it would solve a lot of issues, especially since the Get Info for music can’t find much useful information!