Foto preview & organise

Hey guys.
I am travelling using an iphone 5se with app mycloud and upload all my fotos and at the moment i have 2 issues:

  1. uploading the fotos the names repeat, (reached the number where iphone starts to count again from the beginning) BUT i have them in other folder. Now reviewing them on the app, the small pictures show the fotos of the ones in the folder, making it hard to know which fotos they really are and organise them.

  2. organising the fotos/files on the app, by creating folders and past them there, does not 100% work and i still see them when i enter.

I am still also trying to find answers why i have to remote the cloud because it looses connection suring the days/weeks

Hello sebelsinger,

You can refer the links provided below for the network issue and file upload issue on the My Cloud device.