Forward problem

I got my new WD TV live and updated with the auto update feature to **Release 1.06.15 (8/9/2011)**. I can’t forward in movies - is that normal? My test formats: ts, mpg, mkv, DVD Iso.

So i downgraded to - but still no fast forward feature. What’s that?

Which firmware do i need to get this function?

Thanks for helping, TaToosh 

Well, I would guess you have a faulty remote.   

Fast Forward is supported in ALL of those file formats in most cases, and certainly in ALL cases with a DVD ISO.

Yes i think You’re right. I did some Tests and think the Remote is Problem.

If you can get your hands on a usb keyboard, you can see if it will FF using the keyboard (the ‘+’ key is FF, and the ‘-’ key is REW).

Good idea, thanks. Can i use the USB Keyboard with the original software directly?


USB Keyboard support was only added in 1.04.10… any firmware revision prior to that will not be able to use a keyboard.

So should i use a custom One to test it?

Well, no… you said in your original post that you’d updated to 1.06.15, so if you’re running that firmware, USB keyboards are supported.

I was merely answering as to whether USB keyboards were available under the original firmware.

I think we’re getting mixed up at the word “original”.  I was referring to how the box shipped from the factory.  I believe you mean official WD firmware as opposed to WDLXTV.

Yes, any official WD firmware from 1.04.10 onwards, should support keyboards in one form or another. :smiley:

(For that matter, since the flashable WDLXTV firmwares are only based on 1.02x and 1.03x, you wouldn’t nominally be able to use a keyboard if you were to flash with the third-party firmware, unless B-Rad added keyboard support to that revision-- I haven’t read all his release notes to know which releases may support keyboards and which ones may not.)

Ok i’ll try my Keyboard later. Thanks for your help.

With my USB Keyboard the forward and rewind works … i will do an exchange of the new device.

Thanks for the tipps.