Forum Search is "broken"

Lithium Search now refuses to work correctly.

I was trying to search for the keywords  HDMI EDID MONINFO.

Type that into the search box, and it “autocorrects” it to HI DID MONITOR, with a link to click to search for the original terms.

So I click that.

Now it is searching for HDMI EDID MONINFO.

Now I want to add a USER search on the left (advanced options) – and I select my own username.

But the search goes back to HI DID MONITOR.

In other words, it’s impossible to search for posts containing HDMI EDID MONINFO with my username.

We just had an update from Lithium.  Auto-suggested search got turned on by default.  I turned it off.  Let me know if there are any further issues.  Also, keep in mind that if it does suggest something different, it also provides a link to search the exact string you input.

Also, make sure that you don’t have auto suggest turned on for yourself.  Below the search field, there should be a link that says, “turn on suggestions.”  If it’s not there then you need to click on the empty search field to turn it off.

Hmmm… Still not working for me.

On the community “Home” page, in the Search Box, I type “HDMI Moninfo EDID” and click SEARCH.

On the results page, the terms have been changed to “HI monitor did”.   Underneath that, it says “Search instead for HDMI Moninfo EDID”.

When I click that, it does change the search terms back to “HDMI Moninfo EDID”

But now I want to add a USER filter to the results, so I type “TonyPh12345” and select my user name in the “By Author” section,

Now, the results are back to “HI Monitor DID”.

If I click the “Search instead…” link again, it now clears the username specified in the the “By Author” field on the left.

So it seems it’s not possible to turn off the “Suggestions” without clearing the additional filters.

I don’t know if you noticed this before, but I’ve never been able to search a username without switching the search filter to Users.  So, I’m wondering if that’s part of the issue.  I will post this to Lithium and see what they say.

Lithium made changes to include auto-spell check in the search field.  I’m having them roll back to the original search method.