Formatting to NTFS without losing Sync software

I want to format my 160GB Passport Essential to NTFS without losing the pre-installed d-mailer sync software. Can anyone provide guidance plz. (I am affraid that by formatting the HDD to NTFS I might loose the pre-installed softwares).

Can anyone provide solution to above??? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Can I copy the Sync software to my Laptop before formatting and then again transfer it to WD Passport?

Exactly which WD drive is this and what OS are you using? Do you know how it is formatted now?


Its 160GB WD Passport Essential currently formatted on FAT32. I want to format it to NTFS so that I can copy files greater than 4GB on it.

I want to use the d-mailer sync software pre-installed on it afterwards and is afraid that by copying it on my laptop (before formatting the external HDD to NTFS) and then again on extrenal Passport drive, this software will cease to work due to license issues.

Can someone from WD answer to my issue?