Formatting takes an eternity

I’ve got a WDMyCloudEX4100 equipped with two 4 TB HDD’s.
After running into errors i decided to wipe the HDD’s.
This process seems to be running since almost 4 days.
The protocol, which I check from time to time, reports that the HDD’s are not continiously awake.
It reads like this:

||2022 Jun 12 22:29:20|OTHER|* HD1 stand by now! *|
| --- | --- | --- | --- |
||2022 Jun 12 22:29:19|OTHER|* HD0 stand by now! *|
||2022 Jun 12 22:17:57|OTHER|* HD1 awake now ! *|
||2022 Jun 12 22:17:19|OTHER|* HD0 awake now ! *|

Is this behaviour normal?
I would be happy for any explanation of this strange behaviour.

case closed.

I power the device off.
Afterwards I set up a new RAID and formatted the drive.

Hi @uselessuser,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: