Formatting my my book studio

I have a white macbook late 2009 6.1 model with snow leopard. I want to upgrade to mountain lion (afraid of Maverick with the WD issues) Before I do I want to clone my macbook. I have one wd passport with my macbook backup on it. I have one WD my book studio with all my raw pictures on it that I use with lightroom. I bought another my book studio to use as a backup for my first my book studio. Before I use it as a backup I want to clone my macbook then install mountain lion. My question (finally) I have the instructions steps to format your hard drive as an HFS+ volume. Is this the steps I follow with my new my book studio. Once I install mountain lion and it is running fine, what steps do I need to take to make this drive usable for a backup of my other. I don’t want to install any wd software and have removed all software. Thank You

The My Book Studio comes formatted HFS + J therefore there’s no need to reformat the unit.

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