Formatting issues - internal 4TB WD SATA drive in drive enclosure

I am having considerable difficulty with the Windows 10 Computer Management console and formatting a 4 TB hard drive. Everything was going great. The drive initialized and I was able to create the first partition. I started the quick format and the console hung. Then Windows died leaving a black screen and no way to shut down or restart the PC. I had to resort to holding the power button until it shut off.

When I rebooted the computer and restarted the console, I couldn’t get the drive scan to work unless I disconnected the drive I am trying to format. When I reconnect it and try a rescan the same thing happens.

Is there a way to initialize, partition, and format a drive in Windows 10 without going through the Computer Management console.

I am on my second hard drive of the day. The first one was bad and wouldn’t even initialize. I ran Western Digital’s diagnostics and it stopped because there were too many bad sectors.

Did the console crash trash my new drive?

Note: I have been having issues with my primary SATA hard drive and am hoping to replace it with the new one. I put the new drive in a Rocketfish SATA Hard Drive enclosure so I could transfer all my files over while the current drive is still functional. My system has a solid state drive that holds the OS so I am mostly concerned with my applications and work files. I know I’ll have to reinstall the applications. I really thought installing the new drive using a drive enclosure would eliminate my having to tear my computer apart to get at the other hard drive bay.