Formatting for PC & Mac

I have a WD My Passport PN - WDBABM0010BBK - 00.

I only used it to copy moivies & pics to this drive.

Recently I let a friend copy the movies and after that the drive started to act funny, some movies would freeze, so I thought I needed to copy the files elsewhere.  I tried but it would start reading and copying the files and then it would just freeze and it would seem like it was downloading but the progression bar would not move at all.

I originally installed the WD software on my Mac, so I thought it’ was time to format the drive, so I did.

But then I realized that I was not able to copy files from PC or if I’d format on PC could not copy files on Mac, it’d say: “that drive could not be modified”.

Right now, a friend used the formatting tool on the WD site thet enables the PC/Mac formatting. But she formatted with PC and even though the Mac would recognize the drive it will say the message I previously stated.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,


I don’t know how your friend formatted the drive. NTFS is for Windows and read only on a Mac. The Mac format does not work on Windows without other software. FAT32 will work on both but has a max file size of 4 gig. If you formatt the drive NTFS for Windows you can use on a Mac if you install NTFS-3G  on the Mac. Hope this helps


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So, basically what you are telling me is I’ll need this software in order to use the drive as I originally was able to use when new.

Otherwise there is no way to bring it back to original condition?

If you are using on Mac and Windows FAT32 will work on both but the max file size is 4 gig. If that won’t work then you will have to format for Windows or Mac and use software on the other. NTFS-3G is free. Similar software for Windows to use Mac is not free.