Formatting Essential 2T to back up multiple computers

Is it possible to format this unit to back up my XP computer 500 gig drive, another  with Win 7 Ultimate 500 gig drive, and my laptop with Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit on 500 gig drive? If so how? can you point me in the right direction.


What do you want to backup? The whole system or just files? What do you want to use for backup software?


Looking to do weekly system backups on the lap and the desktop with Win7. The XP desktop will probably stay connected all the time except for removal to B/U other units. I have already installed the smartware software on the XP unit and did a full backup but I’m not concerned about that info if i need to wipe it in order to partition the drive for multiple systems. Really just want to know if it’s something that I can do, or is it just better to get a network drive with some type of software you place on each unit, or just buy 2 more books and install them on each machine.

Thanks, to anyone here with guidance on this.

This is my opinion but I would buy more drives. People that move them a lot between different computers seem to have more problems with corruption. I would leave the  2 permanety connected to the desktops also. The Smartware only backs up selected files not the entire system. Remember never trust important data to just one physical drive internal or external.


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I appreciate your advise to purchase more drives, but in the event that is not in the cards right now, is it possible to back up files from 2 different laptops onto one passport essential? Thanks for any help!

Yes the simplest way I think would to partition the HD into 3 partitions. It would be easier to manage than folders. That way you would be backing up on say drives F,G, and H. Instead of sorting through files  and names in one drive. Maybe this will help