Formatting Drives during Recover Server takes very very long time


i’ve been playing around with your new WD Sentinel 8TB to figure out, how it works.

During the reset to factoy defaults it is formating the Harddisks, this procedure takes now about 30 Hours and goes on. How long could this take ? How can i speed up this ?


After about 60 Hours of formatting the Recover Process Fails, Jippie !!  The Log File shows, that the Process run to 43 % !!! and nothuing more,

Hello ? Should this device take 1 Week for formatting ?   i think this is unasable, especially in business Enviroments.



I think you’ll have to call WD on that one… The Sharespace that came before the Sentinel could take up to a week so I would not be surprised…

This unit does not have a dedicated RAID card to rebuild the array, so it’s slow. You would have to pay a lot more for that and because it’s a small box, it would be imposible to fit. Your best practice is to avoid killing the power and to use 2 power supplies which is supported, have 1 outlet plugged into a UPS battery backup and the 2nd outlet plugged into a different circuit with a surge suppressor.