Formatting and initializing the WD Drive again

Dear friends,

I need assitant in re-installing the software to the drive so it is just like new…

I already formatted it using WD quick formater for Windows. Now, how do I re-install the drives, software or anything else needed to the external drive to be able to buck up my computer again, and continue to back it up in the background any time I conect it?


Thank you

If you mean where do you get the software etc for the drive (which was originally supplied on it, but is lost if you format it) then go to the link below, select the appropriate product and then download what you need by way of software and/or drivers:

Thank you Darrenhill. I already formatted the drive using WD Quick Formatter. So now I just need to follow the instructions of 

Copy the rar file to the root directory of the external drive and unzip it within it.

I will proceed, hope everything goes right. Will get back if it isnt so.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


You can do that, or just download the programs/applications you need from the same page and install them on your computers as required. It’s basically the same software, it just ships on the drive initially for convenience so that you have everything available without having to download anything.

One point is though that the ones that shipped originally (and perhaps the ones on the drive image) may be older versions than the current ones which will be available for download.

So if you’re wanting to make your drive “like factory-fresh” then yes use the drive image to get everything, or else just pick and choose the bits you may need individually.

Hello DarrenHill,

Thank you for your advice. I installed the software already and are in the process of backing up again. The software ask me for an actualization as I was installing, so it worked well.

Thank you very much.