Formatting an ex4 with extended hfs+ on mac osx

Because I have to backuo videoclips larger vthan 4Gb I nedd to format my ex4 with the extended hfs file system: how do I have to proceed? thanks


the EX4 is it’s own small computer system which runs it’s own filesystem and “serves” those files to your mac ( thank god for that ) The filesystem that the EX4 uses is “ext4”  

I’m a mac guy to, and HFS+ is sadly way beyond it’s expiration date.  I’ve lost PLENTY  of data in failed attempts to archive/backup data w/ HFS+ 

set your ex4 nas in RAID 5 or 10 and backup to it’s much more secure ext4 filesystem.

…if your *really* serious about preserving that data ditch the WD EX4 and get your hands on a iXsystems NAS using ZFS or btfs.

Thank you very much!!! OK