Formatted G:Drive for Windows - drive not recognized when trying to use Windows Restore CD

Purchased a brand new G-Drive (USB3.0) for MAC, but reformatted it for Windows following the VIdeo on the G-technology Support Site. However, when booting from a Windows 7 system restore bootable CD, the drive is not recognized, and I cannot see it to load the system image I am trying to restore. Any Advice?

The issue here is likely if you followed our instructions the drive was initialized with a GPT partition. Windows 7 is not able to install on to a GPT volume so it won’t let you see one as a restore location either. It would need to be MBR to have any chance at seeing it. MBR will also limit you to only 2TB of space on the drive. You can then change it back to GPT once installed and use the full capacity.

A newer version of the OS can read GPT in boot, like Windows 8 and 10 but 7 can not…