FORMATING Directv Hard drive for windows 7 problem

I took out a western digital 320 gog hard drive put in in my pc to use for storage well the pc will not even see the drive at all I even tried to use a external encloser it still wont see the drive at all I tried to use GPARTED software and it does see the drive and I reformated it using NTFS but it still does not see it   I think directv might have done somthing to the drive to prevent anyone from using it on any computer but im not sure has anyone else tried to make a Directv hard drive work on a computer i also will not show up in device manager or even administrative tools area under storage or for that matter anywhere on the computer this is really strange to me  any help for this problem would be helpful Im wondering if maybe the master boot record might need to be formated but since I cant even get the drive to recignize how could i format the MBR


Hi dude!!! It is indeed possible for a drive to be internally locked to work with certain devices (Take proprietary OEM drives as examples)… So I would not be surprised.

First, I’d try to check on my BIOS/UEFI, if the drive is not there… The OS will not see it…